Purchase to Pay Insights: 2015-2016

Thinking about implementing a fully automated Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) solution? Then this new eBook from Accounts Payable News should be number one on your reading list. You’ll find valuable insights, tips, and best practices from accounts payable and procurement experts, including:Why Procurement, Treasury, and Finance need to run on the same trackHow e-invoicing is revolutionizing supply chain financeHow you can transform AP from a cost center to a strategic, revenue-generating assetWhich new skills procurement and AP professionals need to ensure P2P success Request Free! Continue Reading →

Spring Interview Questions and Answers

Spring Framework knowledge will help you get selected into Java interviews. This eBook will help you refresh your knowledge about Spring Framework and help you get ready for an interview. It covers interview questions in the following areas: Spring Core – DI, AOP, Bean Spring MVC Spring DAO Spring Security Request Free! Continue Reading →

Evolving IT Architecture to Support the Modern Business

Pressure is mounting for IT to find ways to support modern business innovation and agility as board of directors and management teams take a strategic look at how technology is shaping or hindering their company’s future.Unfortunately, many organisations are faced with managing highly complex and inflexible legacy IT systems as a result of mergers, restructuring, tactical investment decisions, and changing business priorities. This complexity creates pressure on IT to lower cost through simplification and automation.Download this free eBook today to learn how cloud ERP can help meet rapidly evolving business needs. Request Free! Continue Reading →

8 Ways Legacy ERP Harms Businesses

Owning an ERP system that can only be upgraded every four or five years (at best) is simply not enough to maintain competitiveness with your peers. Business and technology are now moving so quickly that even if you do invest six months and $ 1 million in an ERP upgrade, the end result will be out of date by the time it’s completed. Worse still, old ERP is fundamentally incompatible with the way companies need to be structured for success.Download this eBook to explore the eight ways that your aging ERP system is holding back your business. Request Free! Continue Reading →

Next-Generation SEO Strategies That Will Future-Proof Your Content

As “Wizard of Moz” Rand Fishkin reminded us during his popular SEO presentation at Content Marketing World 2015, search engines are constantly evolving their algorithms to enhance their ability to serve consumers’ needs. And while current systems are highly proficient at classifying the terms of a search query, calculating its likely intent, and ranking potential results in terms of their relevance, the search engine of tomorrow will likely use more advanced methods of mapping (and manipulating) the mechanics of meaning. What does all this mean for marketers? And, more importantly, what should you be doing now to prepare your content for the rise of sentient SEO? Download this eBook for explanations and advice from the Wizard himself… By downloading this eBook, you’ll also subscribe to receive weekly updates from CMI’s newsletter, CMI promotions and partner email lists.  Request Free! Continue Reading →