Your Questions About Books For Kindle

Richard asks… Can I make kindle books work with my adobe reader? I already have adobe reader that I use for digital library books and really don’t want to download another reader program if I don’t need to but everywhere I look only sells digital books for a certain reader product. I just want to know if I can use adobe reader with a kindle book or a nook book. And if not where can I find books for adobe reader? idownload answers: Adobe cant read the kindle file type. They can be converted into the file type adobe could read but it is not easily done. Most kindle books have a drm on them which prevents you from converting the file type. There is a way to remove the drm, just search for “how to remove drm from .azw file” and there will be plenty of explanations. Then you have to download a program that can convert files to something adobe can read. Susan asks… how to transfer kindle books dowmload on PC to Ipodtouch 2? I bought some books with kindle for PC. If there is any way that we can transfer the books from kindle for PC to Ipod touch 2. And how, if we can do that. idownload answers: All Kindle books that you’ve purchased is store in your Amazon account, so just have the Kindle App for iPhone/iPod installed, then download the purchased books to the iPod. See the section “Downloading your Kindle Content on Kindle for iPhone” in the official page here : BTW, it will be better to read the books on the Kindle device instead of iPod, as the Kindle uses eInk and will not hurt your eyes even for reading long hours. Amazon just put a price slash on the Kindle 2 and it is now $100 cheaper than the price I got mine. So take the chance if you want it. Hope it helps 🙂 John ... Continue Reading →

Your Questions About Online Bookstores In Canada

Susan asks… Is it possible to buy the manga, Shibutani-kun Tomo no Kai by Fujieda Toru, in bookstores in Canada? I really love this manga but its no longer online because it got licensed. I would really like to know if its possible to buy this manga, in English, in Canada. There are 6 volumes in the series! idownload answers: Hm… I couldn’t find any info about it being licensed, it’s not listed on amazon or even noted on baka updates that it has been, maybe mangafox is spazzing? Http:// anyway, it seems like you can still read it on these sites check to see about release dates if it is licensed? Linda asks… How can I get the book “Taylor Swift secrets of a songwriter”? this book was discontinued i think but i really want it and i don’t want to order it online does anybody know any bookstore in canada that sells this or has a copy? idownload answers: Hey im trying to find this too!!! It was discontinued :OOOO !!!? I thought it was at borders…well i cant answer your question but if you find a place, could you like email me or something please? Thanks Laura asks… Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows? Where can I get it besides the bookstores? Hey guys. HP 7 is coming out this Saturday and I want to get it early in the morning. I know the bookstores will probably be jampacked…i was just wondering if anyone knows any department stores that might sell it? I live in Ontario Canada btw. I know that last year when I went to shopper’s drug mart on the same day they had tonnes of copies of the book without the huge lineups. I don’t really want to order it online cuz its past the due date and it costs another $6 or so and plus they’d probably deliver it in the afternoon or evening instead of the morning of. So yeah…anyone know any good stores? >_> idownload answers: I ... Continue Reading →

Z-Code System – Sports picks directly from the insiders?

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Your Questions About How To Books Download

Sharon asks… Free online books download? please help urgent? Anyone know how to free download books online? Do u know any website or any sharing program idownload answers: You can find Free Books & eBooks in here: and Magazines: Sandy asks… How do you download books from Toshiba book place? I got a new Toshiba laptop and it came with this thing called bookplace i tried to download books but it keeps saying its not avalibel from google. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 idownload answers: As far as I can tell, only really old books can be downloaded. Stuff from Shakespeare and the like and if you type in certain letters books will appear as well. Its not worth the space in my opinion but If you like that sort of stuff then go for it… ^_^ Robert asks… Can I download books that I already own into a kindle? I have shelves of books that I think would be cool to carry around with me with ease in a kindle, but can I just download them somehow without having to re-buy them or something? I’m not sure how this works exactly. idownload answers: If you can find them for free, you can download them for free. Classic books for example are available from the Gutenberg Press web site. Otherwise you will have to buy them again. Powered by Yahoo! Answers Continue Reading →

Your Questions About Book Shops Nyc

Laura asks… Where is an ideal (inexpensive) place to host a book club in NYC? Id like to bring a few (15 lol) of my friends together to discuss a book we’ve been reading and just to chat in general but I personally don’t have the space to do so. Since this is my first time around doing setting something like this up I wanted to find a nice universal place for us to gather. We’re all coming from different parts of the city and some even from Jersey, so I’d like to find somewhere that’s easily accesible for everyone. I’d prefer a tea house/room but a coffee shop would be just as nice. Does anybody have any ideas or has done this before?? I’m opened to suggestions but keep in mind I don’t have my own place so I can’t host it at home and nobody has suggested to have it at theirs yet either lol. Thank you so much!! idownload answers: Usually places like starbucks & borders are receptive to group gatherings (more business for them, the longer you stay! 🙂 ) have you considered going to the library? I once had a knitting group at a public library; as long as you’re not loud and boisterous i’m sure they won’t mind. Another fun place is alice’s tea cup. I don’t think they’d let you hang out without buying something, though. But if you’re in the mood for tea, scones, and finger sandwiches (albeit slightly expensive), it’s the place to go. John asks… What is a good fiction book that i could give to my mom as a gift? My mom is a hard woman to shop for. I know that she would love to read if only she could find something that she’s interested in. She’s just very shallow and she says she has a short attention span (it’s just an excuse not to read) but she reads magazine articles. The only books I see her read are diet books and books on natural healing, Food Addiction, Organic and Natural foods, mercury poisoning, thyroid problems, ... Continue Reading →