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A newcomer’s guide to legally downloading movies, music, books and anything else you’ve ever wanted from the Internet for absolutely free. This book will teach you how to easily use a technology called “torrents”, which will allow you to obtain material from the Internet legally and at no cost to you. Within ten minutes of reading this book, you will be using torrents like a pro, and getting the most of your web downloading experience.….more info Features Accessories Related Kindle Game Freebies: How To Download, Play, and Win Free Kindle Games $ 0.99 More info » Free books for Kindle: The secrets of how to get the world’s greatest books for $ 0.99 More info » Tic Tac Toe $ 0.99 More info » Continue Reading →

Create Your eBook Resale Right by Writing an eBook and Tripling Your Profits

Apart from buying and selling professionally made eBooks, you may want to think about writing an eBook. Not anyone can do this and market it successfully because the truth is, people can take one look at your downloadable merchandise and determine its worth. Then again, I’ve seen some poor eBooks sold on the internet and have found that by constructing a very professional cover (many hire graphic artists), you can sell almost anything. It’s worth the money to hire a freelancer because people buy what looks good before they actually open the book. Wait! There is a flaw in this though…you’re going to get a bad name if you keep writing mundane eBooks. Some authors don’t even show their name, but then you know right away that they are not interested in promoting their brand or image – they want quick profits and will move onto the next project quickly.There are many eBooks that are actually worth reading in my opinion, but I’m sure you’ve come across one or two that even you can write better. The fact is that the publishing industry needs innovative thinkers that can relate to today’s issues in a diverse way. There are a plethora of categories in the world available to write an eBook on: each with its own eBook resale right. You can sell the book and its resell right as part of the purchase price. It is easier to sell an eBook on an internet website that has already been established — preferably one that actually sell eBooks as well. An eBook is one of the most powerful ways to promote your business while educating people with the knowledge you already possess as a business owner of a specific product or service. Narrow your topic down to specifics and if possible, use your own life experiences to fuel the paragraphs. Titles should give specific direction and include specific numbers. For example, “Exterminate Your eBook Resale Right Competition In 30 Days For Only 30 Minutes A Day!” is better than, ... Continue Reading →

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This website is the answer for world’s finest, optimally equipped security softwares. Our anti-viruses are unbeatable . They can remove the most stubborn and sophisticated viruses in a single go. Time threat detection and virus removal are the most sought after features in any antivirus software. This is inherent characteristic of any product made available through us. This is a customer-oriented website that thrives on standard servicing and optimally satisfied customers. The security of your PC is our responsibility. Download an antivirus from us, which would act as a forever safeguard of your PC by working day in and day out to avert the attacks from viruses, spywares, addwares, Trojan horses, worms etc. PC antivirus is indispensable for preserving the future of your softwares, stored files and performance of your system. Why to let any threat damage your important data. Those who love to play the dirty game of virus development often damage your PC within minutes of a virus infection. This is easily preventable by securing a standard Antivirus Software Download for your system. Once you install an antivirus software, the process of scanning, detecting and removal of threats continuously work in the background. You are free to browse the internet, use pen drives, memory cards without any virus threats. Anti-virus download coupled with multiple choices from matchless performers in respect of timely threat detection and virus removal are available on this website. Choose your best pick and the power of PC security will be in your hands forever. Many among us are unaware of the various routes via which a system damaging threats can enter our computers. Here is a brief list of such routes: INTERNET PEN DRIVES BLUE TOOTHS CD ROMS MEMORY CARDS etc. PC antivirus has a pervasive reach and application. It operates on all these routes to effectively prevent the transfer of viruses, worms, spywares, addwares, worms etc. Besides virus removal there is one important ... Continue Reading →

How to format your Ebook in word convert to a PDF File

How to format your Ebook in word & convert to a PDF File? The basic format for your Ebook is time to move on to the finer details. Here are some more information for formatting your Ebook in Word and converting it into a PDF file. Ebooks often include photos, pictures, charts, and other illustrations. However it’s significant to realize that since image contribute to a larger file size, some Ebook publishers only accept text submissions. There is more than one way to add illustrations to your Ebook, but one method is to use a scanner and then convert the pictures to .gif or .jpeg files. You can then format the photos any way you like using software such as Photoshop or the GIMP. You can’t really add illustrations directly into Word (you can, but it’s a nuisance) so if you plan to create an Ebook with a lot of pictures, it’s a better idea to use a desktop publishing program. Always leave enough of a margin between the illustration and the text, and add captions when necessary. This includes the title page, a copyright page, acknowledgements, and a table of contents. To put together the copyright page, take a look at the copyright page of a print book and use the same formatting and information, using your own name and book title, of course. Leave out unnecessary items, such as the Library of Congress information. The only time you’ll need an ISBN number is if you’re going to sell electronic copies of the book on disk at a later date. The table of contents is easy; Word automatically generates a table of contents when you use Headings formats for the chapter titles and subheads. With an Ebook it’s better to label the first page as Page 1, even if it’s the title page. Print books don’t follow this format, but it works well for Ebooks. Back matter refers to all the information you opt to include at the end of the Ebook, such as an index, bio, and contact information. Here you can also advertise other books you’re ... Continue Reading →

Get The Most From Your Free eBook Internet Marketing Campaign

Get The Most From Your Free eBook Internet Marketing Campaign By Joseph Tobiasz First, your ebook needs to have an attractive title. The title should grab the attention of your intended target audience. The more appealing the title, the more your ebook will be downloaded. Your ebook needs to have quality content. You can write your own content or ask permission to use another author’s content. Your ebook will be read more if the content is original. You will want to put your ad on the title page or on the table of contents. This will give the most exposure for your web site or the products you’re selling. It’s important to put your ebook in as many formats as possible. Most ebook software only allows the ebook to be read by certain browers and software. People may not take the time to download a new software program in order to read your ebook. Other versions of your ebook could be in HTML, auto responder and downloadable text format. You can contact other business owners and ask them if they would like to include their ad in your ebook. Just ask them in return to advertise your free ebook on their web site or in their e-zine for a set period of time. This method will get your free ebook marketing campaign off to a fast start. Allow the people who download your ebook to give it away to their visitors. This will multiply your free ebook’s exposure. Submit your ebook to the growing number of free ebook directories on the internet. These web sites also offer more information about ebook marketing. Some of them also have ebook discussion forums where you can ask questions and learn more about ebook marketing. Article submitted by: Joseph Tobiasz, Owner Article Source: How can i get my ebook to send automatically to someone? From my website, i want them ... Continue Reading →