The Webmaster’s Ultimate Reseller Package

The Webmaster's Ultimate Reseller PackageVisit SiteIf you’re an Internet entrepreneur like me, you’ve probably spent countless hours trying to develop good content for your websites.

There are thousands of companies out there investing millions of dollars in the web. They have employees. They have offices. They have dollars. They develop good content and produce profit making websites because they have the manpower and resources to do so.

The answer is simple. And I know that it is the right answer because successful Internet entrepreneurs everywhere will tell you the same thing:

Everyone who wants to go into the field of Internet marketing must learn how to leverage the expertise of other people.

Joe Smith might be very good at designing websites, plus he knows a thing or two about gardening. Smith decides he wants to start a website and earn money from it on the side of his real job to supplement his income. He starts a gardening website but, unfortunately, runs into a few problems.

Sure, if he spends A LOT of time he might be able to write descriptions for all the plants he is featuring on his website but what is Smith going to use for graphics? And what script will he use to allow visitors to comment on his gardening observations? What gardening eBooks can he sell to the people who visit his site? The list goes on and on. How will Smith ever be able to produce anything that is the least bit useful to potential site visitors? And how will he ever make a profit?

What Smith needs to understand about his situation is this: he is only one person. The web is a huge place, it’s like a giant metropolis. Profit making websites are only shops that people off the sidewalks (search engines) stumble into, many times by accident. But even those shops that are owned and run by one person (there are many) have workers in them that are invisible to the eye. That’s right! Most websites sell and distribute content that was not created by the person who owns the site.

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