Wine All-In-One For Dummies ($16 Value) FREE For a Limited Time

Want to learn about wine, but don’t know where to start? Wine All-In-One For Dummies provides comprehensive information about the basics of wine in one easy-to-understand volume. 

This eBook includes:

  • Wine tasting, serving, storing, collecting, and buying tips, all in a single authoritative volume
  • Information on California wines, as well as other domestic and foreign locations including the US, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, and Argentina
  • Suggestions for food pairings 
  • How to choose the best vintage for your needs
  • Champagne, sherry, and port wine
  • And much more

Whether you’re a wine novice or a budding sommelier, Wine All-In-One For Dummies is the one guide you need on your shelf to make your wine experience complete.

Free offer expires 12/21/17. 

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