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Maria asks…

Kindle 3g with keyboard V Kobo touch?

I’m going to buy an e-reader but don’t know which one to buy and I need your help!! I was adamant I was going to get the Kindle 3g with keyboard however, I’ve heard there’s a new kid on the block called the Kobo Touch. I was going to wait to see if the kindle touch would be coming to the UK any time soon but that doesn’t look like its going to happen anytime soon. So which one should I get? I wanted a touch screen but also love listening to audio books. I can listen to audio books on the kindle but not on the Kobo. I do have audible on my android phone though. I also have Kindle on my phone and have bought a few books via the kindle store. Will I be able to transfer them over to a Kobo or is that not possible.

So which one shall I get? The Kindle 3g with keyboard or the Kobo?

Many thanks in advance

idownload answers:

I think the kindle as you can store more books on it.

Sandy asks…

My Kindle screen is broken, how can I save my books? I’ve never plugged it into my comp before?

I went on Amazon to manage my account, now that I’m contemplating getting a new Kindle. When I saw that it had none of my books or content uploaded I realized I should probably plug my kindle into my computer. But with my screen being broken all i can see is the bottom to inches which say:

cable attched, but eject your
Kindle from your computer.
(battery symbol)

What does the beginning of this message say? How can I link my Kindle to my account online? The Kindle still works fine internally. I’m actually still able to finish up an audio book I have on it, I’m listening to it right now.

Thanks so much!
NOTE: when I log on to Amazon it looks as if I have zero books, when in reality I have closer to 50

idownload answers:

When you log into your account and go to Your Account, then Your Kindle Orders, you should get a list of all the books you’ve bought from including free books.

You don’t upload books from the kindle to your account…it’s the other way around. Book you buy are in your account. If you need to, you can delete books from your kindle, say it’s full for example, then later, you can go to the Your Kindle Orders section and have them resent to your kindle.

As for the PC. When you plug your kindle into the pc via the usb cable, the Kindle’s memory should show up as a harddrive with a letter assigned, similar to a usb drive. You can then drag books off your kindle to your pc, like any other files.

If you log into and it shows zero books, then there is a problem. It could be that you are logging into the wrong account…either way I would contact and see what the problem is..

Betty asks…

I am interested in getting a Kindle for my blind husband.?

I understand I will be able to download audio books for him. Is there a way to use earphones on a Kindle?

idownload answers:

Yes it has a standard headphone jack & it also has a really great feature that it can play back any text ebook in audio for you. You can set the audio speed, and change the voice from male/female.

You can get a good deal on the basic kindle here:

Or you can compare all of the models here:

I think the kindle is the leader of the pack on accessibility features – for example if you just have low vision, you can also set the fonts really big, as well as read while listening to audio.
So I’m sure he’ll love it.

Anyways good luck 🙂

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