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Lizzie asks…

Where can I find information about The Flaming Lips that is from an actual library database?

I doing a speech on the flaming lips and I need to sources that come from an actual library database and all the ones I have searched have no information. An online encyclopedia would work as well.

idownload answers:

A search for “flaming lips” in the RILM database yields 9 hits, mostly with articles from “Spin” magazine.

Rock’s Backpages also has 9 articles, mostly interviews.

Arts & Humanities Database gives citations to two articles (NYT Book Review, June 4 2006 and Popular music and society July 2007), both of them reviews of the book “Staring at sound.”

Thomas asks…

What is a good online database builder program?

I need to make a database for my local library that will host a number of digitized genealogy records where people can access them. What would be a good program to use?

idownload answers:

Here’s a couple of suggestions, hopefully one or the other will suit your needs.

1. Needlebase ( It’s free for personal use, which I’m thinking might include non-profit use for your library. That part I’m not entirely sure about.

2. IFreeTools Creator ( This one is an online database application builder based in the Google universe and only requires a Google account. If you use or have access to Google Apps, you can even map the app to your own domain. If you use Google Docs, this one is nice because you can attach files from Google Docs.

Hope that helps! Good luck.

Susan asks…

Where can I find a totally free-of-charge full-text scholarly database on Literature and criticism?

By the way, I do nto have a online library accout because online databases are not available in our country. Do tell me to use google because some search results about academic papers need an accout number. It is not totally free.

idownload answers:

You can get free book downloads on:

You may have to register, but there is no cost.

Happy reading.

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