The Beginner’s Blueprint To Account-Based Marketing

So what exactly is account-based marketing? This eBook answers that question and also offers helpful insights on how to:Drive more revenue by aligning your sales and marketing teams around a common set of goalsCreate a customer experience that will turn your best customers into advocates and drive more accounts back to the top of your funnelExpand your reach to deliver your message to key decision-makers on their termsJumpstart your campaigns with innovative ideas that have been field tested by modern marketers just like youMeasure and Optimize Results to continually improve your campaigns and make you look like a marketing rockstar Request Free! Continue Reading →

Relying on Marketing Automation? You Need Marketing Data Management and Here’s Why.

Many B2B Marketers understand the importance of a marketing automation platform and the impact it has on demand generation. However, marketing automation is severed by data limitations, causing a major impact to demand generation results. In this eBook you’ll learn: The Impact of Raw, Untargeted Data Importance of Data Completeness Data-Driven Marketing Download it today and learn more at Request Free! Continue Reading →

Unlock Sales and Marketing Alignment Through the Power of Content Marketing

In this eBook, we will break down all the necessary steps, provide industry leading expertise and present an actionable guide on how to drive alignment between Sales and Marketing. The eBook topics include:Why Sales and Marketing alignment starts with Content MarketingHow to track metrics that drive alignmentHow to teach Salespeople to become mini-marketersCompanies often cite that alignment between Sales and Marketing is too complex. Discover how to unlock alignment through communication and Content Marketing. Request Free! Continue Reading →

The Future of Influencer Marketing: 6 Predictions Your Brand or Agency Can Bank On

The Future of Influencer Marketing will not only help you figure out how to ramp up and optimize your influencer marketing efforts; it will also dispel some of the myths circulating about influencer marketing and preview what’s on the horizon.Download this eBook to learn more! Request Free! Continue Reading →

The Big 5 Metrics for Account-Based Marketing

The rise of account-based marketing is demanding new ways of thinking about marketing metrics. While leads and opportunities are important and even necessary, they are not sufficient to measure account-based marketing. Marketers need to embrace 5 big metrics for account-based marketing. What to know what those 5 metrics are? Download this free eBook today to find out. Engagio is marketing software purpose-built to help companies with complex, enterprise sales to engage target accounts and deepen sales-and-marketing alignment. It’s designed to integrate with and complement an existing marketing automation solution.  Request Free! Continue Reading →