The Big 5 Metrics for Account-Based Marketing

The rise of account-based marketing is demanding new ways of thinking about marketing metrics. While leads and opportunities are important and even necessary, they are not sufficient to measure account-based marketing. Marketers need to embrace 5 big metrics for account-based marketing. What to know what those 5 metrics are? Download this free eBook today to find out. Engagio is marketing software purpose-built to help companies with complex, enterprise sales to engage target accounts and deepen sales-and-marketing alignment. It’s designed to integrate with and complement an existing marketing automation solution.  Request Free! Continue Reading →

Discover Experience Marketing

Marketers have been at the forefront of the digital revolution, and although it’s been a tough (but fascinating) journey, most marketers feel now as if they understand and are getting results from digital marketing, and many organizations have changed dramatically over the past few years to accommodate the digital consumer. There really has been wave after wave of digital change, driven by a mix of technology, internet availability, and consumer demand in sector after sector such as retail—shopping online has become easier than shopping in stores. Download this eBook to learn more. Request Free! Continue Reading →

How to increase revenue by aligning marketing, sales and service

This eBook by bpm’online gets a closer look at how to increase win rates by aligning marketing, sales and service. Do you know that 75% of companies drop leads that aren’t ready to make an immediate purchasing decision, but 80% of the prospects labeled “bad leads” by sales teams actually make purchase within 24 months? Bpm’online, a premium vendor of process-driven software for marketing, sales and service, deeply studied the issue and came forward with the fundamentals on how to maximize revenue by sharing data between key business departments. Download the eBook to learn how connecting the dots between marketing, sales and service helps to nimbly manage a complete customer journey.  Request Free! Continue Reading →

Meatball Sundae Marketing Research Kit – Includes a Free $8.50 Book Summary

The Meatball Sundae Marketing Research Kit brings together the latest in information, coverage of important developments, and expert commentary to help with your marketing solutions. This kit includes the Meatball Sundae – Is Your Marketing Out of Sync Summary eBook that normally is $ 8.50. Seth Godin’s book is the definitive guide to the 14 trends no marketer can afford to ignore. It explains what to do about the increasing power of stories, not facts; about shorter and shorter attention spans; and about the new math that says 5,000 people who want to hear your message are more valuable than 5 million who don’t. Godin doesn’t pretend that it’s easy to get your products, marketing messages and internal systems in sync. But he’ll definitely convince you that it’s worth the effort. The following kit contents will help you get the most out of your Marketing research:Meatball Sundae: Is Your Marketing Out of Sync?Build Your Own Marketing CloudThe Advocate Marketing Playbook2014 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study Request Free! Continue Reading →

Shoe-In Money – The Complete Internet Marketing System

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