Tips, Tools, and Templates to Help You Build Your Content Marketing Strategy

Are you looking for help to develop your content marketing strategy? This eBook includes: The key factors for content marketing success The core components of a content marketing strategy  How to utilize content across the buyers journey  Companies doing it right Michael Brenner, who delivered this presentation at Content Marketing World, is offering all the tips, tools and templates you need to go from wherever you are in your content marketing journey to being a world class content brand. Request Free! Continue Reading →

Your Email Profits – 3 Simple Steps to Building Your Profitable Email Marketing Business

The system in this eBook is refined and time tested and has worked for decades for people just like you.  This eBook includes: Anthony’s first million dollar business How he lost 3 million dollars overnight Anthony’s "Fail Proof" Plan Building your email list  Optimizing your profits Go on and be the dedicated action taker you know you can be! By downloading this PDF you also are subscribing to Anthony Morrison’s newsletter for weekly content.  Request Free! Continue Reading →

The 6 Costs of Delaying Predictive Marketing

We know there is a lot going on in your marketing universe! From demand generation programs, to social media, content creation, events, and more–we get it–you and your teams are busy! So busy, that technology implementation often falls to the bottom of the list.  However, did you know there is an opportunity cost to delaying your implementation? Especially when it comes to a solution like predictive marketing. And by cost, think lower program ROI, lack of sales and marketing alignment, the inability to enter new markets, and more. This ebook goes over the 6 costs to delaying predictive marketing and how predictive marketing helps defray and eliminate those costs. Request Free! Continue Reading →

2016 Planning: How to Budget for Predictive Marketing

It’s budget season! The marketing budget process is stressful and complicated. You have to work backwards based on revenue goals, estimate spend for your programs, and determine which new technologies to implement and which ones to kick to the curb.  Since much of your budget, as a marketer, is spent on marketing programs, you have to rely on a lot of guesswork to determine what you need to invest in to hit your revenue numbers. Luckily, predictive marketing can help.  This ebook goes over how to think about budgeting for your demand generation programs and where predictive marketing fits. Learn: What is predictive marketing? How to optimize and cut programs from your overall demand generation budget How to add the right programs and technology to your budget for revenue growth How to evaluate your technology spend How to fit predictive into your planning Request Free! Continue Reading →