The 6 Costs of Delaying Predictive Marketing

We know there is a lot going on in your marketing universe! From demand generation programs, to social media, content creation, events, and more–we get it–you and your teams are busy! So busy, that technology implementation often falls to the bottom of the list.  However, did you know there is an opportunity cost to delaying your implementation? Especially when it comes to a solution like predictive marketing. And by cost, think lower program ROI, lack of sales and marketing alignment, the inability to enter new markets, and more. This ebook goes over the 6 costs to delaying predictive marketing and how predictive marketing helps defray and eliminate those costs. Request Free! Continue Reading →

2016 Planning: How to Budget for Predictive Marketing

It’s budget season! The marketing budget process is stressful and complicated. You have to work backwards based on revenue goals, estimate spend for your programs, and determine which new technologies to implement and which ones to kick to the curb.  Since much of your budget, as a marketer, is spent on marketing programs, you have to rely on a lot of guesswork to determine what you need to invest in to hit your revenue numbers. Luckily, predictive marketing can help.  This ebook goes over how to think about budgeting for your demand generation programs and where predictive marketing fits. Learn: What is predictive marketing? How to optimize and cut programs from your overall demand generation budget How to add the right programs and technology to your budget for revenue growth How to evaluate your technology spend How to fit predictive into your planning Request Free! Continue Reading →

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Contextual Marketing

Like the majority of people, you’re used to ignoring banner ads, video ads, and sponsored search results with such precision that they’re practically invisible – and if you do it, you can bet your customers are doing it as well. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. If you want to engage customers, you have to become relevant to them. Stop marketing solely based on the brand message or product; take the individual’s context into perspective. Enter contextual marketing.Contextual marketing is all about creating content that’s both useful and engaging for customers in the moment. Download this eBook to learn all about contextual marketing, brands that do it right, and how your marketing can benefit from it as well. Request Free! Continue Reading →

Creating Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

This eBook is going to help you create your customer personas and customer journeys, define your goals for mobile marketing, and help you to view mobile marketing as an integral component of your comprehensive marketing strategy. Request Free! Continue Reading →

The 2015 Social Media Marketing Starter Kit

“The 2015 Social Media Marketing Starter Kit” includes the “Getting Started with Social Media” eBook plus 3 other resources to help you jump start your social media marketing strategy.Social media provides a new set of tools that businesses can use to connect with their customers and the general public. Social media tools can be used to get new customers, increase sales, and turn existing customers into your most powerful sales team. But social media is about more than just using these new tools. Social media requires a new way of thinking about your business and your customers.This kit will help answer questions like:Why should my business use social media?How is social media different from other ways that I talk with my customers?Should I learn social media myself, or should I hire someone to do it for my business?What do I talk about on social media?How can I build a successful social media program customized for my business challenges?Plus much more!The following kit contents will help you get started on your social media marketing strategy right away:Getting Started with Social MediaThe Advocate Marketing PlaybookThe 5 Principles of Engagement MarketingUnderstanding Social Media ROI Request Free! Continue Reading →